1. Horsemanship Learning Opportunities
  2. Fun with horses at liberty
  3. Natural Equine/Equestrian Health
  4. How Much Weight Can a Horse Carry
  5. Working Horses: Anatomy of a Farm Fire
  6. Can Horses Recognize People and Voices?
  7. Horses Assisting in Geriatric Care Model
  8. Simple Trick Soothes Horses While Trailering
  9. What of the Horse
  10. Horses Able to Stay Fit When Pastured
  11. American Association of Riding Schools
  12. Equine Liability Laws - What You Need to Know
  13. Horses, the I-Thou Relationship and Gestalt Therapy
  14. the sympatico that we have with our horses' souls
  15. Wild Mustang Hearts Heal Human Scars
  16. Surrender in horse and human
  17. Should You Buy a Barn or Build Your Own?
  18. Horses can recognise their owners from their voices
  19. Warriors and Horses
  20. The Myth of Natural Horsemanship
  21. What Humans Canít Teach: The Importance of Herd Socialization
  22. Teaming With Your Therapy Dog, just released by Purdue University Press
  23. An Inspiring Poem
  24. Researchers Debut Simplified Equine Temperament Test
  25. Master trainer, Chris Irwin shares insights with GallopNYC
  26. Frank the Tank,the horse who saved me
  27. In Any Relationship, if it's not good for both, it's not good for either...
  28. Who's the Herd Leader? It Depends, Researchers Say
  29. Is this why horses react to inauthentic behavior?
  30. What Can Go Wrong Playing with Horses as a way to Train them.
  31. Tim Hayes Harnesses Equines' Healing Touch
  32. Equine therapy: What effect is there on horses?
  33. Calming Signals in Horses
  34. Instrumentalizing horses... (in EFP/EAP etc) by Ilka Parent
  35. Education
  36. The Horse Leads the Way by Angela Dunning
  37. There is no such thing as a horse whisperer
  38. Horses capable of humanlike facial expressions