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Who Hosts This Forum? is operated by Pam Salem at and supported by an experienced team who contribute regularly to the Equine Assisted OPEN FORUM. Pam is an equine assisted professional in the equine assisted field since 1998, and an experienced horse breeder and competitor with a lifetime of experience in the horse business. Pam is known for her unique talents as a catalyst in creating community, bringing together a variety of different people to share their experience, learn something new, and enhance each others assets and expertise. Pam has been working since 1999 to provide the benefits of this work to clients and to help newcomers to the field find their voice and take the first steps to launch their practices. (See Pam’s bio HERE)
The Equine Assisted OPEN FORUM is the culmination of a desire Pam has had since creating the website Equine Assisted Assets in 2005, to further help those who aspire to bring this valuable work, with its great power to help people, to the world and expand it to the farthest corners.
It is the strong desire of our team that the EA OPEN FORUM provide an unbiased, value-rich gathering place for industry professionals from the many diverse approaches in the field. In addition we hope that, with a variety of inputs and perspectives, it will be a valuable resource for students, clients, venue owners, and those just curious to learn more about this very special type of work. Who knows? Maybe it will help someone discover and shape the career of their dreams!
The regular contributors to the site include successful equine assisted program owners and experts from marketing, nonprofit, equine, educational and coaching backgrounds.