Announcing a new members-only Linked In group called 'Horse-As-Healer/Teacher Business Development'.
This is a private group. To request membership, go to Linked In, type a search in Groups, click Join and your request will be reviewed by the group manager.

More information:

From goal-setting, identifying right-fit clients and building credibility.... to establishing niche, developing marketing and sales systems and building a Business Model, Business Development of the Horse-As-Healer/Teacher business or practice offers many unique challenges.

The more deeply we are aware of our business/practice intention, values and brand we each offer, the more clearly we can articulate this alignment to the public, thereby decreasing 'competition' and increasing the value we give and receive.

The bigger vision of this group is that the good work of the HAH/T with equine guides may positively affect a wider audience of individuals to learn, heal, and live their lives in harmony with themselves, others and the world.

The Question & Answer format of this forum allows users to share and learn from one another. The moderator asks the questions and the members offer their answers. It is hoped the activity will stimulate the business growth and increase the online credibility of all involved.

The Group Leader will pose questions related to HAH/T Business Development, and members are invited to respond. (The group is not open for others to submit questions. There are multiple other equine groups that allow this though.)

Please make your comments informative and complete. Also, please keep all comments and replies professional and fair. All advertisements, self-promotion, unrelated discussions, and improper conduct will be removed at the Group Leader's discretion.