Before you get in a panic or start getting affronted, Equine Facilitated Learning isn’t really dead! I just think the time has come to lay a few things, including the name, to rest. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

My epic journey towards coaching professionally with horses began when I decided to attend a course in Equine Facilitated Learning back in 2005.
After loving horses since I knew of their existence, finding out that I could do some good in the world by working alongside them was a revelation to me. The whole course was a profoundly life-changing experience...
I’m incensed by the number of descriptions and acronyms out there. Is there no end to the ways that ‘Equine’, ‘Facilitated’, ‘Experiential’ and ‘Learning’ or ‘Education’ can be juggled to form yet another label? There are so many people who could be benefiting from contact with horses but these potential clients are being confused by the number of acronyms, titles and descriptions being used.

Here’s a few of the names/acronyms out there: –

  • Facilitated Equine Emotional Learning, (FEEL);
  • Equine Facilitated Learning, (EFL);
  • Horse Assisted Education, (HAE);
  • Equine Assisted Learning, (EAL);
  • Human Equine Assisted Learning, (HEAL);
  • Equine Guided Education, (EGE);
  • Experiential Equine Facilitated Learning, (EEFL);
  • Equine Assisted Growth and Learning. (EAGL);
  • Equine Assisted Therapy, (EAT);
  • Learned Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, (LEAP);
  • Equine Facilitated Coaching, (EFC);
  • Equine Experiential Learning, (EEL);
  • Equine Guided Learning, (EGL);
  • Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning, (EFEL);
  • Equine Facilitated Leadership, (EFL);
  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, (EFP);
  • Equine Assisted Mental Health, (EAMH);
  • Experiential Equine Assisted Learning, (EEAL)
  • Equine Facilitated Wellness, (EFW);
  • Equine Assisted Activities, (EAA);
  • Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy, (EAAT);
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, (EAP) and many, MANY more.

Can you see what this does to potential beneficiaries of the services?
This crazy and seemingly, endless list of names only serves to make life difficult for clients.....

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