BOOKS for the Equine Assisted Field
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The Horse Leads the Way: Honoring the True Role of the Horse in Equine Facilitated Practice By Angela Dunning
“The Horse Leads the Way proposes that honoring the central and true role of the horses is the key to this method being effective, and to ensuring the horses’ well-being is maintained throughout. In the approach put forward in this book, the horses are regarded as sentient beings in their own right and equal partners who employ choices and offer suggestions for how to lead the sessions, rather than being a ‘tool’ for people to use and learn from. Throughout the book vital key abilities that horses can primarily help people reawaken and develop are emphasized. These include: emotional intelligence, intuition, energetic awareness, healthy relationships, mindfulness, presence, and above all, a deep connection to one’s own body; that much maligned part of human life in our mind-orientated world. The book is aimed at practitioners, trainees, clients, horse lovers, equine-psychotherapy, therapy, and learning professionals, as well as therapists, educators and coaches. It is also for anyone interested in understanding the horse-human relationship more deeply and in learning from horses.”