Lissa Corcoran shared a link. Hey friends! Flying Change is celebrating our 20th anniversary of providing EAP and EAL by giving back to the equine therapy community with free and affordable resources and support for equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning and therapeutic riding programs. Today, weíre launching our first online resource: The First Strides 30-Day Challenge: One Month to Whip Your Business Plan Into Submission & Find Your Business Bliss. Iíve priced it crazy low for this first round because itís a beta version that Iím testing. The Challenge starts April 1st. Your investment at the pre-sale price is less than $5 a day. Pre-sale pricing is only available until 3/22, then it goes to regular price. Check it out and PM me with questions! So excited! can keep struggling along like you have been, or do you want to make a commitment to yourself (and your business) to get the REAL help you need to kick the struggle to the curb forever and succeed as the sassy, successful EAP entrepreneur you were born to be?